At home classes are designed to help dancers continue their dance training while being away from the studio. These programs allow dancer’s to take class at their own pace, on a schedule that works for them and their family. 


Each class includes a weekly check in with the Faculty so we can help your dancer’s to achieve their goals and to keep them motivated throughout the program. 


Our At Home classes are designed to be completed in a small area. With no set class times, you are able to decide when you are available to take your class.


Each program includes 10 lessons spread out over 3 months, helping your dancer strengthen their technique, stay active and deepen their passion for dance! 


Each week, your dancer will receive a lesson plan that outlines the tasks and exercises to complete each week. Lessons include video references, fun activities, and required homework check-ins.


Dancers that complete their program will receive a certificate of completion, which will be awarded to your dancer through the mail a few weeks after the program has ended.


Benefits of At Home Classes include:

  • Allowing dancers to strengthen their dance technique when not in the studio.

  • Gives the dancer a step by step guide to follow along.

  • Helps dancers to stay active and working towards their dance goals while being away from the studio

  • Allows dancers to try new skills and master older skills

  • Is a great program for homeschoolers looking for physical education credits and class material


At Home Programs Include:


  • Beginner Dance Foundations: Ages 6-9

  • Beginner Tap Foundations: Ages 8+

  • Acro Foundations: Ages 8+

  • Strength and Conditioning: Ages 8+

  • Isolations and Grooves: Ages 8+


The cost of each program is $150 and is due at the time of registration.


Registration for these programs is available through the LYD portal!