We are excited to announce that we are offering continued at home lessons for interested dancers throughout the months of May, June and July!


Benefits of At Home Classes include:

  • Allowing dancers to strengthen their dance technique throughout the off season

  • Keeps dancers occupied and passing the time while remaining isolated at home

  • Helps dancers to stay active and working towards their dance goals

  • Allows dancers to try new skills and master older skills

  • Helps the studio to get through this troubling time, giving us a better chance of reopening for group classes once the current restrictions have been lifted


Registration for these programs is now available through your portal! 

Registration closes April 30th!

Classes start May 4th!


Programs are being offered in the following classes:

(You can visit your portal for full descriptions of each program)


Mini/Kinder/Artists: Ages 3-5

Beginner Dance Foundations: Ages 6-9

Dance Combo Classes: Ages 6+

Acro Foundations: Ages 8+

Strength & Conditioning: 8+

Isolations and Grooves: 8+


Each program includes 10 lessons spread out over 3 months that will help your dancer strengthen their technique, stay active and deepen their passion for dance! Each lesson will guide your dancer through the lesson with both a written lesson and video resources.


All dancers that complete their program will receive a certificate of completion, which will be awarded to your dancer through the mail a few weeks after the program has ended.



Mini Foundations  – Ages 3-5 years


This program is ideal for those beginner dancers who are just starting dance or have already decided they love to move! While being able to express themselves in class, students will start to build a strong dance foundation in jazz, acro and hip hop styles.


Kinder Acro Foundations - Ages 5-6 years


Acro dance training is a method that develops strength, flexibility, stamina, and confidence in students. Our Kinder Acro dancers will be introduced to the base body movements and shapes for acro dance. Dancers will learn to safely execute forward and backward rolls, bridges, teddy bear stands, and mini cartwheels.


Beginner Dance Foundations - Ages 6-9 / 10-13 years

This class is for dancers that are new to dance. This class will cover the basics of dance technique, explore the differences between different dance styles, and learn what it takes to become a dancer. Dancers will have the opportunity to be introduced to jazz, ballet, tap, acro and hip hop dance styles in addition to learning the history and culture behind each style.


Foundation Classes - Ages 8 -17 years



Foundation classes focus on both the technique and dance history of the discipline entered. These classes do not perform in festivals and are important for the safe and knowledgeable development of our dancers. Dancers will be expected to participate in history lessons as well as complete small homework assignments that are designed to enhance their overall knowledge and understanding of the discipline entered. Foundation class students will perform a showcase of their studies, together as a group, at our year-end recital.



Performance Classes – Ages 6-17 years / Adult 



Performance classes focus on the artistry of dance. Performance classes allow our dancers to take the techniques and structure of the dance and incorporate their movements to create a performance piece for festival showcase. All performance classes require costumes and are associated with our Festival Performance policies.


Bring A Friend Week


This event allows our dancers to share their passion for dance with an invited friend. For a week in September, dancers are allowed to invite one guest to attend their dance class.


Performance Team Auditions (Radway)


Each season, our foundations dancers have the opportunity to try out for performance classes that participate in dance festivals from March-May. Dancers are required to pre-register for the event. All class placements are determined at the discretion of the Faculty.


Halloween Dance Party


This event allows the dancers of LYD to celebrate Halloween in a light and fun dance party for the whole studio. Dancers will have the opportunity to meet new friends, learn the monster mash and get a head start on trick or treating. Dancers are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes to the event.


Dance A Thon Sleepover


Dancers have the opportunity to collect pledges for our 8-hour dance a thon that is scheduled as a fundraiser to assist dancers with their dance fees. Dancers will participate in a number of different activities such as yoga, ballroom, and team building initiatives. After earning their pledges and dancing for the 8-hours, the dancers are rewarded with popcorn and a movie before heading off to bed.


Holiday Get Together


Celebrate the Holidays with your dance family as our dancers come together, share a light meal and showcase their efforts from the season to date. We will have a mini performance preview of our routines for the upcoming performance season. This event is for our immediate dance family members and is set up as a pot-luck supper.


Oil Kings Ford-Hall Performance:


Once a year, our dancers are offered the opportunity to perform for the pre-game crowd at an Oil Kings game. Dancers are required to attend 2 rehearsals, scheduled in the weeks leading up to the event. We will prepare a 20-minute showcase of our dancers to perform in the Ford Hall of Rogers Place. Registration for this event includes 2 tickets to the game.


Vibe 2 Vibe Workshop


This two-day dance workshop, hosted in Whitecourt, will give our dancers the opportunity to dance with students from other studios while taking classes from professional guest choreographers. We believe it is important to take class from as many different teachers and choreographers as possible and encourage all dancers to attend.


Dress Rehearsal/Photo Day


This event is scheduled for our Performance Team dancers. Dancers are required to attend the event. Each performance routine will have the opportunity to pose for both group and solo pictures as well as have the opportunity to practice their festival routines in full hair, make up and costume. This day does have an additional fee associated with it. Dancers will receive a lunch coupon and group photo, which is included in the registration fee. Additional print orders will be available to order through the photographer.


Dance Festivals


Our performance dancers will attend up to three festivals in a season. Festivals give our dancers the opportunity to showcase their hard work and receive instructional commentary for improvement from an industry professional adjudicator. Festivals are seen as a learning opportunity for our dancers and are an important aspect of becoming a strong dancer.


Season Wrap Up Event


At the end of the season, we invite all dancers to attend a final rehearsal and season wrap up event. Dancers will be invited to stay after our finale rehearsal for a pizza party. We will also take this time to acknowledge the hard work of our dancers with some special awards.


Celebration Supper


Our Celebration Supper is an opportunity for the LYD Family to gather together and celebrate the end of a successful dance season. Guests are invited to enjoy a catered meal, participate in a silent auction and support our dancers through one final performance for the season. This event is for both our dance family and the local community and allows our dancers to showcase their hard work with their extended family and invited guests.

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