Meet the LYD Family!

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At Love Your Dance, we welcome all of our dancers, parents, families and invited guests into our extended dance family. When we refer to our dance family, we are referring to all members of the community that celebrates dance with LYD.

Love Your Dance was founded with the simple mission of inspiring passion through movement. We expect our students to do their best while working through the lessons and experiences offered under our care. Our students come for a dance experience and stay for the family atmosphere. We expect that all members of the LYD family conduct themselves in a respectful manner towards their faculty, their space, their teammates and themselves.


We are committed to our dance season right from day one.

We are passionate about sharing our love for the dance process.

We care about the continued success of all our family members both in and outside of our studio.

We love our dance and that is why we ensure that we stay true to ourselves both in and 
outside our classes.


We are dedicated to the dance process including rehearsals, training, festivals, and performances.

We embrace the diversity within our family and always strive to be the best versions of ourselves.

We stand for creativity and expression.

We listen to our teachers who are trying to guide us; to our teammates who are on the same journey as us; and to those that are willing to share their knowledge of dance with us.

We prioritize the overall experience of our dance family members.

We promise to do our best, to rise when we fall and to always try one more time.

We value the experiences we create and all of those that we share the experience with.

We focus on dance as an expression of movement, a technique of the body and performance of the soul.

We share with everyone around us and push ourselves to learn from what others share with us.


Our vision for Love Your Dance is to offer quality dance training to rural communities of dancers, training in creative movement and dance techniques, under the direction of a united team of dedicated directors and teachers.


Currently, Love Your Dance operates out of Radway and Westlock Alberta.


We are moving into our 5th dance season as a studio and offer classes in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Variety and Acro for dancers aged 3-Adult with the hopes of adding more in the future.


Classes for the 2019/2020 dance season begin on September 11th and run until May.

Interested in becoming a part of the Love Your Dance Family?