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Foundation programs are the base programs at LYD.

Foundations programs act as a pre-requisite for performance opportunities.

Foundation programs focus on both the technique and dance history of the discipline entered. These classes do not perform in festivals and are important for the safe and knowledgeable development of our dancers. 


Dancers will be expected to participate in history lessons as well as complete small homework assignments that are designed to enhance their overall knowledge and understanding of the discipline. 


The Foundation programming season starts in September and runs through until the middle of May.


Registration into a foundations class is available at any point during the season.


Foundation Programs are categorized as:


Mini Acro - Ages 3 - 4


Kinder Acro - Ages 5 - 7


Kinder Dance Foundations - Ages 5 - 7


Beginner Dance Foundations - Ages 8 - 12


Dance Foundations - Ages 8 - 17

Offered in: Jazz, Tap, Acro, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Adult and Seniors Club (55+)


Program levels are based on set syllabus work supported by the ADAPT and ADTA syllabi.


Student levels are determined by the Faculty and students will be placed in the appropriate classes based on level and experience.